Each speaker will deliver a 1 hr presentation (50 min talk + 10 min of questions).
FRIDAY, 15th January
9:00-9:10Welcome and starting remarks
Chair’s welcome Prof. Juan J. Novoa
9:10-10:10Joel Bernstein, Professor at the New York University in Shanghai, China:
Facts and Fictions of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Solid
10:10-11:10Aurora J. Cruz-Cabeza, Professor at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom:
Conformational Polymorphism: From definitions to crystallisation and design
11:10-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:30Christopher Hunter, Professor at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom:
Quantification of Intermolecular Interactions
12:30-13:30Prohens Rafel, Senior Researcher at the Polymorphism and Calorimetry Unit, CCiT, University of Barcelona:
Application of Combined Virtual/Experimental Approaches to Solid Form Screening
15:00-16:00Dario Braga, Professor at the University of Bolonia, Italy:
From molecular co-crystals to mixed crystals and ionic co-crystals
16:00-17:00Susan Reutzel-Edens, Senior Scientist at Eli Lilly & Company, United States:
Turning Molecules into Medicines Through Structure-Based Solid Form Design
17:00-17:20Coffee break
17:20-18:20Fabrizia Grepioni, Professor at the University of Bolonia, Italy:
Light interactions in crystals for interactions with light
18:20-19:20Juan J. Novoa, University of Barcelona, Spain:
Theoretical prediction of polymorphs using pixel intermolecular potentials
19:20-19:30Closing remarks