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The last edition of the “New Trends in Computational Chemistry” conferences  showed an overview of computational methodolgies and theoretical approches for reactions and processes of interest for the industry.

Dr. Peter Deglmann, manager research scientist at BASF, participated as speaker presenting an exciting speech on quantum chemistry in polymer reaction engineering, an important tool to understand phenomena which are hard to measure experimentally.

Dr. Degelmann is offering to XRQTC graduated students the possibility to undertake an internship in his team in Ludwigshäfen, Germany, joining his Quantum Chemistry research group.

In 2016, Moad El Madhali a master student of the IQCC-UdG, could enjoy the experience in the period from June to August and there he worked on his master thesis.

From his words, the experience has been “enrichable and interesting”, allowing him to better understand how R&D research works in a big company. He had the opportunity to study how to improve the results obtained with COSMO-RS method (COSMO for Real Solvent, developed for Turbomole) to simulate solvation effects.

The XRQTC encourage its graduated students to repeat the experience: a general knowledge of quantum chemical methodologies, including solvation treatment (e.g. SMD, COSMO-RS, …), and an interest in organic and metallo-organic chemistry are required.

At the same BASF department, other groups offer internship in other areas of interest, such as empiric molecular simulations, design of actives (docking) or Data Mining.

If you are interested to undertake a 3 months internship (for  graduate and postgraduate students) or your master thesis at BASF Ludwigshäfen, please contact with

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