Conferències a càrrec del Dr. Santiago Schnell

Els propers dies 10 i 11 de Desembre el Dr. Santiago Schnell, de la Michigan Medical School a Ann Arbor, MI (EEUU) impartirà dos seminaris que porten per titol:


“Modelling reactions inside the cells”
El primer dels dos seminaris tindrà lloc dins del marc de conferències Magister de l’IQTCUB el dia10 de desembre les 12:00 a l’aula magna Enric Casasses de la Facultat de Química de la Universitat de Barcelona.
El segon seminari tindrà lloc a la Universitat Autònoma el dia 11 de desembre.
    “In the  past  decade,  advances   in molecular  biology  such  as  the  development   of  non­invasive   single molecule imaging techniques have given us a window into the intricate biochemical activities that occur
inside cells. Cells have a high macromolecular content. As a consequence, reactions in the intracellular medium occur in a highly organized and heterogenous environment. We systematically investigate the
rate laws describing intracellular reactions. By estimating the fundamental length scales, one can roughly determine which rate laws are best suited for the particular reaction pathway under study. We discuss
differences in prediction between different rate laws. In particular we show that taking into account noise and space does not simply add quantitative predictive accuracy but may also lead to qualitatively different
physiological predictions, unaccounted for by classical deterministic models.”
Santiago Schnell, DPhil (Oxon)
Associate Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Brehm Investigator, Brehm Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research and Analysis
Research Associate Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
University of Michigan Medical School. Ann Arbor, MI (USA)